Hotel Bookkeeping Services for your Business SUCCESS

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Contents: Ready to give our services a try? Hotel Bookkeeping Budget management Find Out How We Can Help Your Hospitality Business Hotels can choose between using the cash or accrual methods of accounting. Both have pros and cons, but the best option depends primarily on the size of your operation. If you choose incorrectly, you could cause yourself significant accounting issues later. Hotels generate the vast majority of their revenues by renting out their rooms. However, many of them have multiple additional income streams that range from tangentially related to completely separate from...

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Quarterly Tax Return For Your Construction Company

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Content There’s a Difference Between Business Assets and “Mixed-Use” Assets Here’s Your Guide to Tax Help for Your Self-Emplo… Tax Benefits of the Percentage of the Completed Contract Accounting Method Leverage Professional Construction Accounting Software Any expense that keeps the business running, beyond direct materials and labor, falls into this group. Operating expenses in the construction industry include rent, wages, utilities, administration expenses, maintenance, and repairs, among others. All financial...

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Difference between Temporary & Permanent Accounts

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For example, if company XYZ generates $40,000 in revenue in one accounting period, the amount can be recorded for that period in a temporary account. Then the temporary account will begin the next accounting period with no revenue. Temporary accounts (or nominal accounts) are accounts that you close at the end of an accounting period. This means you don’t carry their balances over to the start of the next period. Otherwise, these funds will create a discrepancy in the general ledger, resulting in miscalculations across other accounts. Tracking the amount of money received for goods and...

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MANAGEMENT ASSERTIONS AND AUDIT OBJECTIVES STUDY OBJECTIVE 5 Accounting Information Systems: The Processes and Controls, 2nd Edition Book

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Content Presentation and Disclosure Assertions in Auditing Which Assertions Are Proven by Accounts Receivable Confirmations? What Are Intangible Fixed Assets? What is an Assertion? How Audit Assertions Relate to SOC Reports Definition of Audit Assertions Assertions are claims that establish whether or not financial statements are true and fairly represented in the process of auditing. The rights and obligations assertion states that the company owns and has the ownership rights or usage rights to all recognized assets. For liabilities, it is an assertion that all liabilities listed on a...

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Accountant Rather Than Do Your Own Taxes

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Content Financial Fundamentals for First-Time Homebuyers When should I hire an accountant as a small business? When you should hire a tax professional Types of Tax Professionals What red flags should you avoid in an accountant? Just as you would not hire an employee without an interview and a careful analysis of their resume, practice due diligence in your choice of accountant. Do a background check on the accounting firm and ask for client references, Cordano said. Look them up online to see if there are any regulatory complaints or marks on their record. You can seek recommendations from...

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How to Calculate Cost Per Unit

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Contents: How to Increase the Volume in Windows Movie Maker Additional Business & Financial Calculators Available Calculator for Cost Per Unit Create Study Materials First you need to categorize your costs into the managerial cost categories of fixed and variable. A key concept in this formula is the fixed cost per unit of sales. Because total fixed costs are constant regardless of the volume of production, the fixed cost per unit of production drops as volume increases, as shown below. Make sure to be clear about which costs are fixed and which ones are variable. Take your total cost...

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